Sunday, February 11, 2018

Calla Lillies

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; Calla Lillies
Calla Lillies - A7r3, 31mm, f/10, 1/8s, ISO 200.
A group of Calla Lillies from last weekend.  I like working on these in black and white because of all the contrast it allows me to play with.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Moon over Callas

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; Moon over Callas
Moon over Callas - A7r3, 24mm, f/11, 1s, ISO 100.
The main goal I had for Saturday morning was to see if there enough fresh Calla Lillies at the gully at Garrapata beach to make an image like this one.  The fact that the moon was setting was a bonus, but in the end I prefer the images I made with the stream going into the ocean a little later.  This is of course a composite image, even at 24mm you’d need some pretty crazy depth of field to get both the foremost Lily and the moon sharp.  However there is something I like about how only the first Lily is really in focus with the background blurring away only to then have the moon sharp. 

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Colors in Totality

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; Colors in Totality
Colors in Totality - Phase One XF, 240LS + 2X (480mm), f/10, 1.3s, ISO 800.
I think the most incredible thing about the eclipse on Wednesday was how long totality lasted and the subtle shifts in color during totality, which was just fun to watch.  It starts with yellows and oranges, hitting a deeper red during maximum totality and then going back to more oranges and yellows as totally ends.  Cool stuff.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Moon at Sunset

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Iceland &emdash; Moon at Sunset
Moon at Sunset - Phase One XF, 75-150 @ 150mm, f/14, 0.4s, ISO 50.
This was made just a couple of minute before the black & white image I shared earlier, this time in color.  Here I chose to focus the attention on the moon lit by the orange light of sunset. 

Layers of Lines

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Iceland &emdash; Layers of Lines
Layers of Lines - Phase One XF, 75-150 @ 150mm, f/11, 0.8s, ISO 50.
I made this image at sunset so there was plenty of color in the sky, however I found while working on it that black & white brings out the layers of lines leading up to the mountain much better.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Into the Ocean

Aravind Krishnaswamy: South Georgia Island &emdash; Into the Ocean • St. Andrews Bay
Into the Ocean - Leica S 007, 30-90 @ 35mm, f/9.5, 1/180s, ISO 100.

A group of King Penguins begin wading into the frigid Southern Ocean at St Andrews Bay in South Georgia Island.

Little Guy

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; Little Guy
Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; Little Guy

I’m going to use this image to show the times I prefer to convert my images to black & white.  I like the color version of the image, the greens give the viewer a hint that this is in the forest.  I wanted to include the full frame and show the overall size of this juvenile Mountain Gorilla, including his arms, however I really want the focus to be the face.  Converting to black & white allows me to then to manipulate the tones further bringing all the attention to the face and in particular to the eyes.  The human eye is less sensitive to these kinds of manipulations looking unnatural in black & white than it is in color and so the black & white is what conveys the emotion I had in mind with this image.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Penguin Awareness Day

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; Chinstrap Penguin • Robert Point
Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; King Penguin at St. Andrew's Bay
Aravind Krishnaswamy: Shoe Box &emdash; Gentoo Penguin

To recognize Penguin Awareness Day, here’s 3 images of three different species of Penguin, a Chinstrap, King and Gentoo.  Penguin species are in various status with Galapagos and African penguins being endangered.  Several of the other species are also threatened, near threatened or vulnerable including the majestic Emperor Penguin.  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Glen Brittle

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Scotland &emdash; Glen Brittle
Glen Brittle - Alpa STC, IQ 180, 32 HR, ~f/11, 1/15s, ISO 35. 
The Fairy Pools are a popular tourist attraction in Skye with a series of cascading waterfalls.  I made this image about 2/3 of the way there along the River Brittle.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Golden Sunset

Aravind Krishnaswamy: Namibia &emdash; Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset - Alpa STC, Phase One IQ 180, 32 HR, ~f/11, 1/2s, ISO 35.

I remember the evening I made this image well.  A couple of us had decided to skip the sunset shoot and instead enjoy it from the patio of the lodge with a nice drink.  We were still treated to an epic view and so I still ended up setting up my technical camera and making a few images, including this one with the bright golden color just before the sun disappeared behind the mountains.  All this and I got to do it with a gin & tonic in hand.