Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pinnacles Macro

So I got a couple of new toys this week. First my 30D arrived, next my 100mm Macro lens arrived. So to get out and use both I took the pair with me hiking at Pinnacles on Saturday. Photographically Pinnacles can be a very fun place to explore with a Macro lens, as there is lots of interesting stuff; I can't wait to go back with this kit.

The 30D performed like a champ. I actually hand-held all my macro shots (don't want to lug a tripod on a 10 mile hike) and used auto focus which makes it even more challenging. I have noticed the 30D's AF seems to perform a little better than the 20D (both in AI Servo and One Shot). Since the DOF is so thin with macro shooting, I set the camera to AI Servo to continously focus, along with a high shutter speed to counteract the flowers waving in the wind.

In this particular shot I was actually standing a bit further away. This image is a 100% crop. I have more pictures in the Flowers Gallery and in the Visual Elements Gallery (these links were removed).

Technical Specs: Canon 30D, 100 macro, f/3.5, 1/5000s, ISO 200.

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