Thursday, June 15, 2006

Canon 1D

The Canon EOS 1D when introduced in 2001 at its $5600 street price was the first Canon 1-series DSLR targeted at professionals. If you ever read the Canon SLR Forum on then you'll know there are lots of posts on there that poo-poo the high ISO performance of this camera and conversely there are many die hard 1D fans who believe its bad rap is undeserved. I've been meaning to play with this camera for quite some time, and finally this week I had my chance (actually I could have borrowed it anytime I wanted since it seems to be the 'old' 1-series that no one here wants).

I slapped the Tammy 28-75 on there and started shooting all kinds of nifty things, first around my office, then around my apartment complex. I took a bunch of ISO 1600 shots since that is what I was really curious about. I then loaded them up into Photoshop (boy do 4 megapixel files sure copy fast and load fast in ACR), did a little tweaking and printed them off (I am now a firm believer that prints are one of the better ways to judge noise). Surprisingly (or not if you listen to the 1D fanboys), I didn't find the ISO 1600 noise that objectionable, especially when the image was well exposed. Now granted, my 30D would eat it for lunch at just about any ISO, but to my eye the 1D seemed to hang on the details quite well. I can't quite explain it, but the photos also have a very different 'quality' to them when compared to the 30D, I'll have to borrow the camera for an extended period of time and do a lot more shooting with it to really figure it out.

So all this got me thinking. If a 5 year old camera can still generate fantastic pictures, am I being unreasonable lusting after the 5D or the 1DsMk2? I mean do I really need a FF sensor, 12 (or more) megapixels, weather sealing or a 45 point AF? Should I just stick with what I've got and be happy? Hmmmm... perhaps....

.... nah! Who am I kidding, I want toys dammit!

Oh, the picture, yea those are the prints of the shots I took yesterday and today with the 1D. Perhaps I'll post some of them in my PBase galleries at some point.

Technical specs: Canon 1D, Tamron 28-75@28mm, f/5.6, 1/80s, ISO 800, Curves, NoiseNinja and output sharpening.

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