Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Woo hoo! My shiny new MacBook was delivered yesterday thanks to Amazon. I sold my Dell Inspiron 8600 a couple of weeks ago mainly because it was too large to be effective for travel (I really liked that laptop, amazing display and very fast). My intention was always to switch to a Mac for a laptop (I almost bought a 12" iBook two years go) and so when Apple released the new 13.3" MacBook with the new Intel chips I jumped on the chance.

So after I ordered the MacBook (I chose Amazon because they offered a $100 rebate (the reasons for which I figured out later)) I started reading about many of the problems people are having, including a nasty discoloration problem with the palm rest and a myriad of heat problems. Upon reading the Amazon rebate closely I noticed it said that I couldn't return the laptop once I had applied for the rebate. Clever, I get a MacBook, if its a lemon I have no choice but to keep it and hope Apple even acknowledges and fixes the problems, yes very clever. However I have until July 20th to file for the rebate so I'll be putting off doing things like upgrading the RAM until I am sure I am keeping it.

So far so good, I don't have anything blocking the rear fan. The MacBook runs really hot (like burn your laps hot) after a couple of hours of use; but so far no strange grinding or the sounds of fans working too hard (or the kernel panics that go with overheating). I really like the MacBook, the new keyboard though it looks strange at first working really well; as does the trackpad (and I usually hate trackpads). The display is great (doesn't compare to the 1920x1200 WUXGA I had on my Dell but its still quite nice). One of the things I really like about the Mac is the lack of crap that gets pre-installed. Sure there are a few Apple applications pre-installed but most of them are useful and none really get in the way. In contrast one of the things that pisses me off about Dell machines is the bloated crap that comes pre-installed. For every Dell machine I have owned (or had to work with) I have always had to reformat the drive and reinstall a fresh copy of windows.

Anyway, happy so far, I'll post updates if that changes. Oh yea and built-in iSight and a remote are great ideas.

Technical specs: Canon Rebel XT, 17-85@66mm, f/5.6, 1/60s, ISO 800, Lightroom twiddling.

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