Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Photoshop goes bowling

I had a great day at work today! The morning started off as usual, but it was around lunch that things got fun. They (I use the term they because though I know who organized it, I'm not sure who had the final authority) decided to feed us all and take us bowling in the afternoon; apparently it was to be a team building exercise.

After politely standing in line we were treated to a feast of BBQ and these tasty little cupcakes with numbers on them (if any of the other guys know what the numbers were for, please chime in).

As you can see the food looks (and was quite tasty). And no, we don't normally eat with our cameras :)

After lunch we all drove to a nearby bowling alley. We were arranged into pairs and assigned lanes beforehand. Some of them (like Edward) were so excited to go bowling they even brought their bowling digs.

My bowling partner was Andy (top most picture) who managed to do fairly well considering he was using a 19lb ball. I stuck mostly with the 14lb balls.

After the two rounds it was time for the awards ceremony. We had various awards such as top scoring pair (which we didn't win), lowest scoring pair (which we also didn't win) and first person to shoot a Turkey (three strikes in a row) which I also didn't win. However with my score of 171 in the first round I did manage to get the prize for top invidual score (which was close as there were others very close behind); for which I got a very nice bottle of Don Julio (woo hoo).

Pictured above are Russell Williams and Tom Attix.

Technical Specs: All shot with Canon 30D, 10-22@varying focal lengths, ISO 1600, f/8 or f/3.5 for most at varying shutter speeds.

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The Edward said...

The numbers were all of the numbers leading up to someones current birthday, which was this week.