Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hair and Makeup trial

Today Kim got her hair and make-up person to come over and do a trial before the wedding. That way they can do all their experiments now and when the big day comes she can just come in and do the exact look that Kim wants with efficiency. It was an interesting learning experience, especially when it comes to make-up.

Something I knew before but was able to really see was the fact that makeup doesn't show up easily on camera. What I mean by that is you really have to lay it on thick otherwise the person just looks like they aren't wearing any. For a wedding this has an interesting consequence; on the one hand you want your wedding pictures to look great; but on the other hand you don't want around looking gaudy at your own wedding.

We did several experiments that night (Kim was worried about having too much make-up on) so we went back and forth taking pictures, adding more make-up, taking pictures, etc. I think we finally found an amount that Kim was comfortable with but would also look nice on the camera.

Technical Specs: Canon 5D, Tamron 28-75 @ 75mm, ISO 1600/1000. Excuse the color cast it was a rather nasty mix of tungsten and fading sunlight.

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