Sunday, August 27, 2006

Wedding Mayhem

Phew. So our wedding was a week ago. Exactly a week ago, we'd finished cutting the cake and Kim and I were busy greeting and chatting with our guests. It seems that as time progresses more and more of that day becomes a blur. My cousin already has an album up of pictures he took (Kodak gallery warning). I had originally intended to post something a day during the wedding time just to record some of the mayhem; but I didn't have the time to do even something quick. Hence I will try to recall what I can.

Both of our parents arrived Wednesday night; with Kim's parents and Amy's flight arriving at 11pm, it was nearly 2 am by the time we got to bed (had to rent the vans, drive them to the hotel, etc...). On Thursday morning we had to be at Willow Heights by 10am (hence we needed to get up at 7) to show our parents the place and to drop off all the beverages. During the remainder of Thursday Kim and I went shopping with our respective families to buy stuff for the wedding. That evening we had a big family dinner at Coconut Grove (one of the few places that can satisfy psuedo-Chinese and Indian (not to mention vegetarian) food desires).

Bright and early on 8am Friday morning Kim and I went to buy all the wedding flowers. We need several dozen roses and carnations; roses for the garlands and to give to all the female wedding guests; carnations for the garlands. The flowers were all stored in two buckets until they were needed. For the rest of Friday afternoon Kim came with me and my parents to finish much of the shopping needed for the Indian ceremony. For lunch on Friday we went to Bombay Garden (in Fremont). I'm rather fond of Bombay Garden, the lunch buffet is reasonable ($10) and you get a lot of food and can sample both north and south Indian cuisine. The mango icecream is also amazing. It turns out this was also Allen's first time trying Indian food. He seemed to struggle with the utensils a bit and commented on how flavourful the food was but he also looked like he was having a good time. On Friday evening Kim and I invited all of our out of town friends and sisters to dinner at Krungthai. I had planned to bring my 5D and newly acquired 35L but in all the hurry I left both at home hence no picture :(

As Saturday ticked by the stress of all the wedding planning was starting to get to us (no nervousness mind you, just tired). We both spent the day running around, getting things together. Our dinner consisted of Chinese takeout at 10pm, after which we went a loaded the banana trees into the van. We both knew we needed to get sleep so we tried to get to bed as early as possible (I think it still was 12 by the time I managed to fall asleep).

As the big day arrived there was much to do for me in the morning. I had to drop Kim's mom off at the apartment as Kim was getting her hair and make-up done. I also had to drop off Amy, Sue and Jan for their hair and make-up. While that was happening I raced back to Komala Vilas for a special wedding day brunch my parents had arranged for my relatives. After much running around I managed to get up to Willow Heights by 1. I think it was at that point that I stopped worrying and started having fun. We managed to start only 20 minutes late but were able to stay more or less on schedule for the rest of the day. In the end I think all our guests had a good time and the day was worth all the time and money spent over the last 8 months. I think for the first time in a while Kim and I had a very restful sleep that night.

On Monday we actually slept in! Well 7:30 is sleeping in for us these days :) We had a nice breakfast at Willow Heights then drove back to see our parents. Kim's family wanted to visit San Franciso but before heading out Kim and I did a quick photo session with her saree and our garlands (the top-most picture). We also stopped off at Pho Queen (down the street on Lawrence and Tasman) for lunch; not a bad place to get decent Pho for cheap.

While in SF we mostly stuck to Fisherman's Wharf where I was able to endulge in a crepe once again (I went for the Ghirardelli chocolate, Kim the Strawberry). After a quick drive-by tour of Chinatown we headed back to the hotel. On a side note Kim and I discovered a Thai place in Milpitas (on Calaveras blvd.) that wasn't too bad.

Thursday morning Kim and I woke up early (6:30) to drive Kim's aunt and uncle to the airport (SJ) and then to also drop off Kim's parents (and Amy) at SFO. Then for the rest of the day Kim, Sue and Allen came with my parents and sister for another day in SF. Like the day before we again hit Fisherman's Wharf (this time for lunch) and again I indulged myself with a crepe :) On our way up we stopped off at a beach just outside Pacifica; turns out it was Allen's first time to a beach. He seemed to be having fun though.

We managed to see and do a lot that day including hitting the Ghirardelli factory (and indulging in the sundae), driving up to Muir Woods, and finally catching a sunset by the Golden Gate bridge.

On Wednesday I drove with my parents to the airport and dropped them off. I went back to work but was only there for a bit since I was too tired. Things have slowly started to get back to normal (though the apartment was a total mess until today). We also just now finally managed to go through and open all the gifts (thanks to everyone for their generous gifts!).

Today Kim realized that we had forgot to ask our photographer to take shots of our rings to include in the wedding album; so we improvised a mini studio in the dining room and took a few shots ourselves; hopefully Mark (our photographer) can include one of them in the album. Hopefully things will fully return to normal in the next week or so and we can actually start doing stuff on evenings and weekends again :)

Finally a big thanks to all our friends and family who came to our wedding; especially those who endured the discomfort of air travel these days.

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