Friday, September 15, 2006

The Hunt Begins

Kim and I officially started our house hunt tonight. We toured the first set of houses with our agent Jamie. We limited our search to two areas of the bay area; Milpitas and Evergreen (a part of San Jose). Milpitas has something of dubious reputation in the area; many claim it kind of smells there (because of its proximity to the bay). However I'm wondering if this is still true in areas of Milpitas that are a bit farther away from the bay and higher up on the hills. I really liked a couple of the neighborhoods in Evergreen (the ones high up on the hill looking over the valley).

Sadly, we only really liked one house we saw and it was in Milpitas. It has a lot of potential and fits a lot of things we are looking for. All the image in the collage above are from this house (first time using Picasa's collage feature). The image below is the view of the street from the Master Bedroom.

Technical Specs: Canon 5D, 17-40@17mm

Monday, September 11, 2006

Vienna Imperial Orchestra

On my last night in Vienna, Michael, Kathy and I went to a performance by the Vienna Imperial Orchestra. They performed several pieces from Strauss and Mozart including their most famous pieces as well as other more 'opera' like pieces that I hadn't heard. The orchestra was smaller than I had imagined but it was still an enjoyable performance.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Viennese Ball

The Viennese Ball, the special event for Eurographics 2006 was on Thursday evening and it was quite the gala. There was a lot of dancing (wish I'd brought my dance partner :) ), bur fortunately the food was also good. The hotel that the ball took place was also quite grand.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vienna City hall

Just thought I'd share a picture of the Vienna City Hall I took on Tuesday night after the welcome reception. Its truly an awe-inspiring sight and since I didn't take a wide angle lens with me I had to resort to a lot of stitching. I'll post a better picture when I return and have access to better tools.

The fancy ball is tonight which should be really interesting...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Eurographics 2006 Welcome Reception

Last night was the welcome reception for Eurographics 2006. They had told us the reception would be held at the Vienna City Hall. What they failed to mention was that the city hall was inside a palace. It was quite a sight to behold as I walked up to the palace and realized that was where I would be having dinner. The inside of the palace was as elegant as the outside and the reception was fantastic; one helluva way to kick off the conference. I took a ton of pictures of the place, but sadly I'm not sure if any picture can truly do justice to the place.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unusual graffiti

Gladimir, Michael, Cathy and I went went walking around the city today. We eventually arrived at a fair with a giant traditional Ferris wheel. On the way there we walked by this building (I think it was a school) with funny graffiti. Perhaps you can tell me what it means? It makes no sense!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Walking Tour of Vienna

The conference organizers were nice enough to put together a (very quick) walking tour of Vienna last night. I also managed to meet up with Gladimir, Michael and Cathy and we all went around on the tour. It lasted about 2 hours and we saw everything from St. Stephen's Cathedral, Mozart's place (he didn't die a poor man by the way), a Palace and Hero Square.

As we proceeded along the tour its really interesting to see the juxtaposition of new and old in Vienna. Many of the buildings are quite old (or at least have been rebuilt to look old after they were damaged during World War 2). There are many statues and monuments as you walk around and many times these monuments occupy the same area as such modern signs as Versace or McDonald's. Its always different (in a good and fun way) for me when I visit a place that has a really long history.

Graphics Hardware Lunch

Today was day 2 of Graphics Hardware. I woke up before 5am even though the workshop didn't start until 9 (stupid jet lag). The workshop overall was quite well organized and even
included lunch at a nearby restaurant. Knowing very few people at this conference I joined a somewhat random group made up of friendly ATI and Sony people. It was an interesting lunch and it turned out there were a couple of people there with interests in photography. After lunch we still had about 45 minutes so we decided to look around inside a nearby church.

Technical Specs: Canon 30D, 17-55@17mm, ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/20s, IS on, Lightroom.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Long Flight Later...

... I arrived in Vienna. So today... erm... or is that yesterday, don't know I lose track because I left San Francisco at 8am on Saturday and its now 5pm on Sunday here. Either way it was a total of 15 hours of flying plus a few more of sitting in airports; glad to be here. For those who don't know I am in Vienna this week to attend Eurographics and the Graphics Hardware Workshop. It should be a fun week, there are some really interesting paper sessions and Vienna looks like an interesting city (so far I think its easily one of the oldest cities I have visited). My hotel room is small (forgot that about Europe) but after all that flying (if you are flying across the Atlantic or have several connectors, business class is totally the way to go, and even then its totally draining) I was glad to see it.

Too tired and hungry to write anything witty, maybe tomorrow :)