Saturday, November 25, 2006

12 vehicles in the ditch and counting...

Kim and I went to Red Deer, Alberta this Thanksgiving long weekend. On Friday the four of us drove up to Edmonton for a little bit of shopping (West Edmonton Mall). The weather in Alberta this weekend was quite treacherous with temperatures around -22 degrees Celsius and lots of blowing snow. On the drive up to Edmonton we counted 12 vehicles that had lost control and spun out into the ditch. Most of these cars were near Leduc as we approached Edmonton; it turned out most of them had fallen into the ditch either the previous night or earlier that morning. See these vehicles reminded me that this is actually a fairly common occurrence in Alberta. I remember hearing of '40 car pileups' along Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary while growing up.

I had hoped to see some snow during this trip and I certainly got that; a lot more than I bargained for :)

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Jan said...

Yup. As the old saying goes.... Home is where the snow is!