Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 1 Rome

I managed to process pictures from Day 1 of our trip (which was in Rome) sometime last week. One of my favourite pictures from the day is a rather striking black & white conversion of the Coliseum. The final picture was stitched together as a panorama of 3 photographs. The black & white conversion technique used was actually rather simple and was a combination of the settings available in the new 'Black & White' adjustment in Photoshop CS3.

Since I had all those pixels I thought this image would be a good candidate for a large print. We have one of the new Canon iPF5000 printers on the floor so I made a print at the largest size possible (17" wide and since it is on a roll feed this particular photo was printed at 27" long). With the fairly decent dpi (for the large I still managed to get around 250 dpi) on such a large its amazing the amount of detail that gets printed out. I have a couple of other nice shots from that day that I am looking forward to printing big (though they aren't panoramas so the dpi will be lower).

The of the pictures are in my PBase gallery.

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