Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ferrari Shoes

The last bits of my lighting gear finally arrived yesterday (courtesy of B&H). I spent a little while playing around with the various pieces to figure it all out. I needed some help with subjects so Mike, a friend of Kim's from work offered up a bunch of stuff.

Mike is a car fan, a Ferrari fan (well not just a fan he happens to own a Modena as well). He had a couple of pieces we wanted photographed but I think these Ferrari shoes are the best. The lighting worked out really well and I had a lot of fun shooting this stuff, as this was my first time doing any studio-style/still life shooting.

My lighting kit consists of a pair of 580EXs, the ST-E2, a pair of lightstands, a pair of reflective and shoot-thru umbrellas, a mini softbox, a white infinity board and a black infinity board. All this stuff is haphazardly arranged in my study right now. I'm now glad I went this route rather than getting a full-on set of studio strobes and the associated larger umbrella, softboxes, etc... I can barely manage to fit this stuff in my study, the only place I have for a full studio would be the garage and I'm pretty sure Kim would kill me if I suggested that.

I took a quick snap of the setup as it is currently, and yes that is indeed an orange (one of the first shooting subjects).

I don't need much else for still life (other than possibly one more flash, we'll see). I have a rather plushy stool I bought at IKEA several years ago that I can use for portraits.

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