Sunday, May 20, 2007

Is that a Ferrari in your driveway... ?

... why yes, yes it is. No, we didn't win the lottery (sadly), the Modena 360 belongs to Kim's friend from work Mike. As it was a nice day we thought it might be fun to do a little car shooting. There was also a small show with several exotics in the afternoon so we went to check that out first. We drove up through Pacifica to San Francisco, but didn't find any inspiring spots for a shoot. We eventually drove back down and went to the Calero Reservoir. We did a shoot for a couple of hours and I think we got a couple of decent shots. I'm working on processing them now.

Technical Specs: Canon 5D, 17-40 @ 17mm, f/10, 1/80s, ISO 200.

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