Thursday, July 05, 2007

24 hours in Vegas

During our Canada Day celebration this past Sunday, the suggestion to go to Vegas for the 4th of July was made (not 100% sure if one individual actually suggested it or if it just evolved into that). So Billy, Alison, Kim and I flew to Vegas Tuesday evening and returned late yesterday night. Edward had driven down earlier that day, so we met him at our hotel. My goodness was it ever hot, about 115F/42C at the peak of the day (and about 90F/32C at night) . We didn't do much walking outside at all because of the heat (Edward was kind enough to shuttle us around). 24 hours definitely is a little too short, I think I'd like at least 2 days, though fun was had and good food eaten.

Since our flight was scheduled to take off at 8:30 (right at sunset) I made sure to have my camera with me for any potentially colorful shots, hence this picture.

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