Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time Lapse Downtown San Jose

The last several days have had interesting weather. Its usually clear in the morning, followed by rain during day along with really high winds. Then by about 5 am its clear again. Since I'm usually at work by 7, I've watched the beautiful sky turn stormy by about 10 am each morning. So yesterday I wanted to capture the transition. I setup my camera pointing out the window of my office with the intervalometer. Sure enough there was a nice sunrise, but no storm, just clouds. It started to get a little windy at the end of the day (you can see it in the last second or two of the video). Thus the video isn't as interesting. I'll probably try again in the next week or so. I'll probably also use the 15mm fisheye to get an even wider view.

Curiously enough I wasn't bothered by the shutter of the camera going off once a minute for the entire day. Also curious are the various color shifts. The WB was set to daylight for all the frames and all the frames were processed identically.

I know its not exactly a picture, but since it was taken with a still camera, I think its allowed for the PhotoBlog.

Technical Specs: Canon 40D, Sigma 12-24 @ 12mm, f/8, ISO 100. 524 frames.

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