Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Moon Shot

As I sit here waiting for the seeing and transparency to improve (which should happen at about 10pm with optimum seeing happening at 1am) I figured I'll post an image I took of the moon last night. This was taken in the back yard before I started my viewing session last night. I again used Live View to make sure all shaking had subsided before taking the shot. The resulting image is a stack of 3 images processed with Registax and taken with both teleconverters stacked. I think this is a better result from what I got last time.

By the way if you want a great way to find out how the astronomy conditions will be where you are check out the Clear Sky Clock. Also check out the Clear Sky Alarm clock which will send you an email when optimal viewing conditions (that you can customize) will be in your area. I've been using both for the last couple of years and they are awesome.

Technical Specs: Canon 1D3, 600mm + 2x + 1.4x (1680mm equiv.), f/10, 1/200s, ISO 800.

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