Sunday, April 27, 2008

BIFs and Shore Birds at Baylands

I arrived at the baylands this morning around 6:30. The sun had already risen, guess I was too late for the really crazy colors. The range arrived within a couple of minutes so I ended up driving the car in, instead of hauling all my front from the outside lot. The first picture I took was the one above. The warm sun made it easier to not blow the Egret's feathers.

There is a Great Egret nesting and I spent 1/2 hour trying to catch him in flight (above) with the 600 on the Wimberley. Definitely a challenge, but I managed to get 1 or 2 usable shots, also got a shot of a Snowy Egret in flight (below). I was told by another photographer that there were a lot more Egrets last year, he wasn't sure why the numbers were lower this year.

I eventually wandered off and started photographing a pair of American Avocets (pictured below).
As I was photographing the Avocet I noticed how the water was so still it was like glass which made the picture below striking.

I eventually came back to the Egret nesting grounds, but by then it was 9 and the light was starting to get harsh, so I packed it up and returned home. It was definitely a good morning for photography and I'll probably return even earlier next time.

Here is the set of images I took this morning.

Technical Specs: 1D3, 600 f/4 IS (some with 1.4x TC), mixed apertures and shutter speeds, ISO 400.

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