Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great Egret in Flight

I decided to stop by the baylands on my way into work yesterday morning. Since this is the time when the birds are nesting, the next few weeks present an excellent opportunity to photograph these birds. I arrived shortly before 6 am and the sun was still rising. Much of the Egret nesting grounds were unlit, so many of my early shots required high ISOs.

It seems that it is during this time (from about 6am (maybe earlier) to about 7am) that the Great Egrets are the most active, flying back and forth busily gathering twigs and branches with which to build their nests.

They don't generally go very far to find their twigs, sometimes they are content to just swipe the building blocks from nearby nests.

All of this activity makes it the ideal time of year and day to photograph these great birds in flight.

I used my 300 with the 1.4x teleconverter the entire morning and eventually learned that the 1.4x was unnecessary. The birds are large and close enough that the bare would suffice. I plan on returning tomorrow morning at about the same time to see if I can capture more Great Egret activity.

While I was there, I also managed to photograph a few Snowies, Night Herons, and Geese.

Here is the gallery of the images I took yesterday.

Technical Specs: Canon 1D3, 300mm f/2.8 IS + 1.4x TC, f/5, various shutter speeds, ISO 400.

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