Saturday, April 05, 2008


The day started off somewhat cloudy and dreary but at around 10 the sun came out and the weather is now quite nice. Kim noticed this little guy hanging out on the leaves of our newly planted Satsuma tree. I grabbed my macro rig and fired off a few shots. Both were taken pretty close to 1:1 magnification, handheld.

The picture to the left is my favorite and is actually a composite of two shots. Because of the narrow depth of field, I had to take two images to get as much of the spider as possible in focus. Since they were taken hand held, I aligned the two images in Photoshop and after a couple of minutes of quick select and masking, voila.

After wandering around the yard for a couple of minutes, I returned to the tree and the spider had turned itself around, so I quickly grabbed another shot trying to get the hind eyes in focus (top). I set the focus to as close as possible and while holding the camera I very slowly moved back and forth until the desired element was in focus. I really need to invest in a decent macro rail.

Technical Specs: Canon 1D3, 180 macro, f/13, 1/300s, ISO 400, MT-24ex fired.

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Michael said...

Wow, that is a pretty amazing shot! The blending worked out really well.