Saturday, May 03, 2008

Bug on Flower

I went out into the backyard this afternoon specifically looking for something really small to shoot. Unfortunately my bug identification skills aren't very good there's equivalent of for bugs. If you know what insect this is, let me know I'll update this post. This image is a stack of two shots taken at different focal depth, I put them together in Photoshop. I had to use extension tubes to achieve greater than 1:1 magnification since the critter was so small.

Technical Specs: Canon 1D3, 180mm Macro + 72mm of extension tubes, f/14, 1/250s, ISO 200, MT-24EX fired.

Update: Thanks to the FredMiranda Macro Forum, it has been identified as a Grasshopper Nymph.


Michael said...

Whatever it is, it is freaky looking!

Aravind Krishnaswamy said...

It makes a freaky looking 13x19 print too. I have it posted on the outside of my office to scare off visitors :)