Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rippling Moon

Last night, the moon happened to be in a good phase (not full) and a good location (fairly high up at around 10pm) in the sky to photograph. I took a stream of images with the 600 and put them together in an animated GIF and you can see just how poor the viewing was. There is a shimmering or rippling effect over the surface of the moon and is this is an example of somewhat poor Astronomical Seeing.

I did manage to stack the 9 images I captured in Photoshop and then did some careful sharpening to try to extract detail. Pictured above is my result.

Technical Specs: Canon 1D3, 600 f/4 IS + 2x + 1.4x TCs (1680mm equiv.), f/11, 1/80s, ISO 800 (9 image stack).


Michael said...

The animated GIF didn't come through for me. "Content protected by owner."

Aravind Krishnaswamy said...

Doh! Should be fixed now. Thanks.

Michael said...

Ah, much better!