Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photoshop CS4 Extended improved upon several of the 3D features found in CS3 Extended. As I mentioned before, one of those features is a ray tracer and one application is the insertion of 3D objects into photographs. I've written a short tutorial that goes over how to do this and will hopefully help someone create something far better than my simple Buddha example here.

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Chad said...

Interesting. The shadow on all the real objects is uniformly about 9 pixels right and 3-4 pixels down from the same position in the object. Except on Buddha. There is a non-uniform shadow that is actually scaled down bit smaller than the object. This is most noticeable at the top of the object where Buddha's hands' shadow has been placed about 14 pixels lower, but at the bottom, the shadow of the platform on which he stands is actually about 2 pixels HIGHER. Correction of this one artifact would greatly improve it for me.