Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clusters in Auriga

The astronomical forecast last night predicted clear skies so I set up the Astrotrac to do some quick imaging. In the area of the constellation Auriga, there are plenty of interesting deep sky objects. Unfortunately I only took 3 2 minute subs for this image and it was in a part of the sky low on the horizon (and setting quickly) and very light polluted, so the quality is rather poor. However there are several open clusters and nebulosity visible. Here is an annotated version:

There is a beautiful nebula called the Flame Nebula by AE Aurigae which unfortunately doesn't show up well in this short exposure. The open clusters however are very visible. Its supposed to be clear again tonight so I may haul out the Astrotrac again. I'm not sure I'll try this area again because of the light pollution in that area.

Techical Specs: Canon 450D (full spectrum /w Hutech LPS filter), 200 f/2 @ f/2.8, 3x 2min subs, ISO 800.

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Chad said...

APOD today was the M13 cluster. Have you taken an M13 picture? I'd like to see what you can get, compared to the other pics out there.