Sunday, April 05, 2009

Thai Lovers

The San Jose area has many Thai restaurants, however there's one I've found which has all the things I look for in a restaurant:

1. Great food
2. Great value
3. Great service

Unlike some of the other well known Thai places (which will remain nameless), Thai Lovers has fantastic service, the staff and friendly and you get taken care of. The food itself is spectacular, I haven't been disappointed with a dish so far and the portions are quite generous.

The only downside (for me anyway, it may be an upside for you depending on where you live) is the location. Thai Lovers is the east hills of San Jose on Piedmont close to Berryessa, which means its not a quick stop. However even with its distance, I'd probably go there than the closer Thai places. They also have a stall in Century Mall where the food is almost as good but cheaper.

The restaurant is quite spacious and the layout is well thought-out. Once a month they have Thai dancers on a Saturday and Sunday night who give a live performance (hence the pictures on this post).

I had the chance to photograph the dancers last Sunday. This was the first time I shot back and forth between the D700 and the 1Ds3, I had no problems switching from one camera to the other.

Back to Thai Lovers, if you are in the San Jose area, definitely check it out.

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