Saturday, July 11, 2009

To The Observatory!

Last night was one of the evenings of this summer's Lick Observatory Summer Visitor Program. This year I took Edward with me. Though we managed to get a look through the scopes the cloudy skies meant that rather than pointing the scopes at a deep sky object, it was pointed at some binary stars.

However we still managed to have fun. The history talk in the 36" refractor dome was good.

I also managed to take a couple of interesting images since I had brought along my tripod.


Anonymous said...

Aravind, your pictures are amazing. I'm really interested into getting into photography like this. Do you edit your pics on photoshop at all or they all taken with special lenses and tricky camera settings? they all look so professional!
Mike Bao

Aravind Krishnaswamy said...

Its a bit of both, having the right equipment and the right post-processing. All images get basic tonal adjustments in Lightroom and a few go into Photoshop for a little more work. Anything I print big definitely goes into Photoshop.

I've seen talented people take stunning pictures with modest equipment, you just gotta keep experimenting and playing around. Its a lot of fun!