Sunday, December 06, 2009

Begone Vile Hot tub!

Since moving into our house over 3 years ago, two things have in the backyard have bothered Kim and myself. For Kim it was the hot tub, for me the hot tub and the arbor. Today's both were demolished and hauled away and the image above is the blank slate that will soon be our back yard.

A couple of images of what was there before.

The lack of love for the hottub should be obvious. We never use it, it takes up a ton of space, lots of water and continuous electricity to keep it warm (in theory, that was shut off a while ago). The arbor got no love from me because it felt very claustrophobic and cut a lot of light from reaching our back room.

Once everything was removed the yard seems so much more spacious and the extent to which the hot tub made our yard appear cramped became obvious. Now to start designing our new back yard.

Technical Specs: Canon 1Ds3, 17 TS-E, f/13, 1/60s, ISO 400. Panorama of 5 images with shift.

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