Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cranes in Flight

The skies were very clear at the refuge this morning. Unfortunately that meant that the sunrise would be boring, which it was. The blast off was also somewhat impressive so I went over to crane pools with the goal of getting a specific crane shot. The image I was after (the one above) was one with a crane in flight and with the mountains in the background making up the lower third of the frame. I was delighted to see I had succeeded when I got back to my hotel room and saw this image.

Here is another with two cranes. Both of these images were taken with the 7D and 100-400 handheld. There is definitely something wrong with the colors, I'll have to reprocess these images once I get back and can use the Lightroom 2.6 and ACR 5.6.

With my big gun (the 800) and my 1Ds3 I was after a different type of image, one with a crane about to take off. I managed to get a few successful images and the one above is one example.

My time here has just blown by so quickly, I feel like I just arrived and I've gotten my bearings and enough practice to not completely suck with the birds in flight. One the one hand, I'd love to stay another 4 or 5 days but I'm also looking forward to seeing Kim and Maya. I'll definitely have to return, hopefully next year.

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