Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unfriendly Crane

There are many ways to photograph birds. Some photographers focus entirely on the while in flight, others while they are perched. Photographing them when in action is something that requires knowledge of the bird's behavior, skill and patience. The above image shows just how much of a novice I am at bird action photography, however the image was pure luck either. I did notice the Cranes would squawk just before lunging and chasing away a newly landed Crane. So with the pool full of Cranes in front of me I kept an eye out for landing Cranes and once a Crane had landed I would look for signs of displeasure from other nearby Cranes. Once I saw some squawking, I would have the camera ready. Once the action starts, I fire away and keep the focus locked on the chasing Crane. I realize that the framing of this image is less than ideal, part of it was intentional (I wanted the chasing Crane to occupy as much of the frame as possible) and part unintentional (it would have been great to have more of the Crane to the right in the frame. I had to crop the left of the frame a little bit in post, and if this image were ideal, both Cranes would have fit in the frame. Oh well, lesson learned for next time.

Technical Specs: Canon 1Ds3, 800, f/5.6, 1/400s, ISO 800.

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Chad said...

This photo is really good! I like the action of it. Another outstanding photo, Aravind!