Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Waterfalls

I went for a longer hike at Big Basin yesterday. I wanted to hike to and photograph three of the major waterfalls in the park, Berry Creek Falls, Silver Falls and Golden Cascades Falls. The total hike was around 10 miles and it took me about 6 hours to complete (with all the photographic stops).

Berry Creek Falls was the first and arguable the most impressive. As I rounded the corner on the trail the above image was what I saw.

After spending about 15 minutes photographing the falls from far away, I hiked up and photographed it up close. I did the most experimentation (and took the most images) with Berry Creek Falls. Some of it worked (like the close up above) and others not as well. You can see more images in the gallery.

Another 20 minutes of hiking later, I came up on Silver Falls (pictured above).

And finally, nearby is Golden Cascades Falls. After a quick rest, it was time for the 5.8 mile hike back to the park headquarters. The hike was definitely strenuous (especially with a 20lb pack of gear on my back) but the falls were beautiful and there's something relaxing about hiking in a redwoods forest.

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juliana juan said...

It’s an amazing hike. We also did this before boston new york washington dc tour. We started out on the Sunset Trail, hike above the Golden Cascade and Silver Falls, then took Berry Creek Falls Trail to the Berry Creek Falls, cross Waddell Creek bridge, followed Howard King Trail to Sunset connector trail and back to headquarters. We stopped along the way for snacks and were viewing the falls and had lunch at Mount McAbee.
Bring your water, lunch, snacks, and sun protection while going to this hike. That was a serious climb at the end