Monday, April 26, 2010

Elkhorn Slough Boat Ride

Yesterday, I went on a boat "safari" at Elkhorn Slough with several photographers from work. This was my third such trip with Elkhorn Slough Safari (I highly recommend them).

I had the chance to photograph a variety of birds and wildlife, including 2 types of cormorants. These first two images are of Brandt's Cormorants. I was very happy to see these images turn out well since I didn't manage to get any Brandt's Cormorant images from my trip to La Jolla earlier this year.

I wish the background on this image was cleaner, but your background choices tend to be limited when shooting from a boat.

I was also happy to see that I had been able to capture a Pelagic Cormorant in flight.

I've been looking for a great "head throw" image of a California Brown Pelican. Sadly, still not there with this image. The Pelican was heavily back-lit, but that did have the side effect of some nice translucency in the bill pouch. I had to do some work in Lightroom to get this image to what you see here. I wish we could have spent more time with just the Pelicans to capture more throws.

There were a lot of marbled godwits out as well, though getting close enough to get an image with sufficient resolution can be challenging.

Technical Specs: Taken with a combination of 1Ds3, 1D4, D3s with the 800 and 200-400.

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Nym said...

I was just searching through blogs and I stumbled across yours (: Your photography is gorgeous!