Monday, June 28, 2010

You Better Appreciate This Picture...

... because getting it cost me a high price. The picture itself is of a Loon with chick. I made this image very early this morning on Lac le Jeune. Upon returning to the dock, I had a mishap. I squished my right index finger between the boat and dock. The good news is that my finger is not broken. The bad news is that the nail was completely torn off .

I went to a nearby walk-in clinic and go to experience Canadian health care for the first time in about 5 years. The staff were very friendly, the service was very quick. I got a shot of Xylocaine to numb the finger. Everything was cleaned up and bandaged and now my hand/finger looks like this:

The pain isn't too bad, it only hurts when I move it :). I actually managed to go out afterwards and photograph a red-necked Grebe and a wood pecker (with some effort). Oh well, accidents happen. I'm told there's a good chance the nail will grow back though it will likely take 3-6 months.
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