Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sony NEX-3 First Images

I received a Sony NEX 3 a few days before leaving for SIGGRAPH two weeks ago. It was the only camera I took with me for my 5 days in L.A.

Though my eventual plan is to use this camera with Leica M mount lenses, I had only the 18-55 kit lens with which these first images were taken. These two images were taken at ISO 1600 and at low shutter speeds of 1/15s which is possible because of the optical image stabilization in the 18-55 kit lens.

I am fairly pleased with the image quality. To my eye, its easily on par with the Canon Rebel T2i (a.k.a. 550D) which shouldn't be too surprising since the NEX-3 also boasts an APS-C sized sensor. The image quality is a noticeable step ahead of the Olympus EP1 which I tried last summer.

I did manage to get myself a Nikon F to Sony NEX adaptor from eBay and so I had a chance to play around briefly with a Zeiss ZF 35 f/2 on this body. Manual focus on the large high resolution screen is no problem (especially with manual focus assist).

The above two images were taken at ISO 3200 and 6400 respectively. Again, the image quality is quite acceptable and I like the way the Zeiss 35 renders images.

I have a line up of Voigtlander lenses ready to use with this body and am now just waiting for Voigtlander to ship their M mount to NEX adaptor. Fun times.

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Ario Achda said...

wow, these are really good images. craving for one! >.<