Tuesday, October 12, 2010

HDR Where It Makes Sense

I have been and continue to be a vocal opponent of the use of HDR to create over-the-top images, whether its garish color, poor contrast or thinking that halo-ing is feature rather than the defect that it is.

However sometimes, your scene has way more dynamic range than your camera can capture and so some dynamic range compression is needed to pull this off. I found myself in such a situation with this image. I took 7 images each separated by 2 stops and then combined them to create the final image.

This is one of the exposures to retain highlight detail, both in the light streaming into the room and onto the wall and of the world outside.

This is one of the exposures to retain shadow detail. As you can see this image and the final image have a similar level of color saturation.

I made this with Photomatix, which I continue to be impressed with, particularly the Exposure Fusion implementation in the new 4.0 version.
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