Saturday, December 04, 2010

Morro Rock Sunset

Compared to a lot of other landscape photography I do, this was taken with very modest equipment and relatively poor technique. I was scouting the Morro Strand Beach area around sunset for possible locations for a morning sunrise shoot the next day. It had been raining so I didn't go out for sunset shoot, but my mistake, the rain cleared up just for sunset and just as I pulled up to park. Having only a few moments, I grabbed my Sony NEX-5 with the 18-55 kit lens attached, framed the shot quickly, took just the one image. No tripod, no filters.

And this is what the image looked like when first imported into Lightroom and after some basic tone curve adjustments. To create the final image, it was imported into Photoshop as a Camera Raw Smart Object. Morro Rock was masked and a graduated ND was applied in Camera Raw on the background layer. Some very basic color corrections and thats it.

The quality of the NEX-5 sensor appears to be quite good and I'm pleased with it. The 18-55 is sometimes maligned for its image quality but in this case the resulting image has plenty of resolution to make a decent large sized print.

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Brian Christopher said...

The processing looks great!