Wednesday, December 01, 2010


The Whimbrel was definitely the most common of the shorebirds I saw on our trip this weekend. I had a chance to photograph them both on both days in both Santa Barbara and Morro Bay.

During my shoot at Morro Bay on Sunday morning I noticed that the beach had patches of dark and light colored sand. I figured that if I put that sand in the background, it might make for an interesting dappled pattern.

I guess it worked and overall I'm happy with the way these images came out.

I usually avoid getting the water in the frame since it is usually much brighter than the bird. But in this case I think the water adds some interest into the first third of the frame.

All these images were taken hand held. The first two and the last were taken with a bare 500 and the remainder with the 1.4x tele-converter attached on a 1D Mark IV.

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Brian Christopher said...

I love the shot where the bird is marching straight at you... with a attitude!