Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Revisiting an Old Image

The above image is a re-processing of one I took nearly four years ago. It was taken at Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park. If I made this image today I would have definitely treated it as a monochrome, the original version doesn't have a lot of natural color. It was an overcast day (the best kind for shooting waterfalls, in my opinion) so I got lucky there.

Here is the image as I originally had processed it back in 2007 with Lightroom 1.0

I like the composition of the image, its not perfect but it works. What I didn't like was the bit of geometric distortion and I thought the water didn't have enough texture and was too hot. The geometric distortion gets easily knocked out with the profiles built into Lightroom 3 and getting the right texture in the water was using a local adjustment brush increasing clarity and contrast and lowering brightness. There were also some dust bunnies to clear up and unfortunately the original image was captured at 1s without a tripod (I held the camera firmly against a railing) which meant careful sharpening in Photoshop. A total of about 15 minutes of work later:

Of course I prefer my new version. What do you think? Also, its clear to me now that this is a weak color image since color isn't really dominant visual element and the texture in the rock really comes through better in monochrome.

Technical: 1D3, 17-40 @ 19mm, f/22, 1s, ISO 100.

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