Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Arrived in the Tetons

I arrived in Jackson, Wyoming yesterday afternoon after driving for 12 hours the previous day and another 6 yesterday. Driving though Idaho, I saw the edge of the storm that was moving through the area and it was quite dramatic. Unfortunately, as I got closer to Jackson, the clouds became less dramatic and more 'ordinary' like in the image above.

Fortunately, there were breaks in the clouds so that it wasn't totally overcast for a shoot at Mormon Row yesterday evening. The skies cleared up considerably this morning leading to productive shoot, though they still ended up covering the peaks of Grand Teton. As I write this, a mini thunderstorm as moved in and its raining, hopefully like yesterday this one will dissipate.

I made the image above from the road, I liked what I saw but there was no turn out, so this is classic drive by photography.

Technical: Fuji X100, f/5.6, 1/950s, ISO 200. Stitch of two frames.

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