Friday, July 29, 2011

Go Wide

Just before leaving work yesterday I met up with a friend from work who is also a Leica shooter.  He wanted to try out my 21mm Summilux and I wanted to try out his Voigtlander 12mm lens so we wandered around the basketball court on the 6th floor of the Adobe buildings shooting random targets.

I've never been much of an ultra wide angle photographer but working with the 12mm was a lot of fun, especially when you get really close to your subjects.

Whats even more amazing is the optical performance of this lens especially given its small size (compared to DSLR lenses) and cost (compared to most Leica lenses).  I just may have to get one for myself.


dan said...

nice. what body did you use?

Aravind Krishnaswamy said...

These were all taken with a Leica M9.