Friday, August 05, 2011

Vancouver waterfront is gorgeous

I arrived in Vancouver yesterday afternoon, I'm here for about a week attending a couple of conferences. SIGGRAPH (the largest graphics conference in the world) will start on Sunday but today, tomorrow and Sunday morning I'll be attending the NPAR/CAe/SBIM triple symposia. I decided to go light this year, opting only to bring my M9 and an iPad, leaving the laptop at home.

Since I very much dislike touch keyboards, I'm using a Logitech ZAGG keyboard/case combo which is working extremely well. I got the camera connection kit before I left to get the images off the M9. For image editing I am using SnapSeed, which doesn't do quite everything I want but is better than nothing. I am uploading my images directly to Zenfolio (and the Zenfolio iPad app. is working extremely well for this). As this post should demonstrate with a reasonably fast internet connection, everything works very well.

A few steps from where I'm staying is the Vancouver convention center where you can find this curious 'pixelized' whale.

I went for a long walk yesterday before the welcome reception for the symposia. Saw lots of people (like the ones above) relaxing and enjoying the sunset. It looks cloudy today, hope the rest of the week is more like last night and not this afternoon...

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