Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Well that pretty much wraps up 2011.  Its been a curious year for the photographic industry and the world in general.  The disaster in Japan in March had repercussions around the globe and had a pretty big impact on the photographic industry made only worse (for some companies more than others) by the flooding in Thailand near the end of the year.  Olympus has seen better days and there seems to be a general theme where executives high up at major corporations seem to be out of touch with their customers.  Well, thats enough depressing thoughts, onto the point of this post, recalling my favorite images from 2011.

I started off the year busily working on the images I had made at Bosque just before the holidays.

Then there was my second photographic trip to San Diego with my friends Bobby and Francisco.  At Santee Lakes, I made my first tight portrait of a Coot.

I participated in several workshops organized by Edward Mendes the first of the year being in Yosemite.  During one of the evening shoots I witnessed one of the most incredible sunsets.

My major trip for the year was on a photographic safari to Tanzania with Andy Biggs.  I had the chance to make many wonderful images, some of which are still in my queue to process.  It proved to be an experience that I don't think I'll ever forget and one which has changed my photography.

I saw and photographed by first Mandarin Duck this year, what a beautiful bird.

I participated in another Edward Mendes Workshop, this time in Big Sur where I was introduced to a variety of wonderful photographic opportunities.

I went back to Yosemite for some spring photography and though that part wasn't as successful, I did come away with a star trails image that I like and that has been popular.

In June, I went to the Grand Tetons National Park, again on a workshop with Edward Mendes.  We ended up having some challenging (though at times interesting) weather but made the best of it.

My major photographic equipment change (or more like addition) came in July when I added a Leica M9 to my kit.  Over the remainder of the year, I have expanded and refined my Leica kit and its a camera that I use often.

I set out in the late summer / fall to try and get to the Bristlecone Pine forest in the White Mountains.  Though I still haven't captured the exact image I have in my mind, there have been other favorites that have come of the various trips.

I photographed at Lake Tahoe for the first time this year.  Its a place I'm sure I'll be returning to in coming years.

I photographed a lot more people this year than I have in the past.  I'm not sure if thats because I'm using the M9 a lot more or if I'm drawn to the M9 because I'm shooting people more...

I photographed an event this year, namely my father's 60th birthday.

I returned to Mono Lake this year and was disappointed to find that the lake level had risen 2 feet since my visit in 2010.  Due to the crowds at the regular South Tufa area, my friend Greg and I decided to make an image at a slightly less traveled location.

Just before joining Edward Mendes for another fall color in the Eastern Sierras workshop I managed to capture an image with Bristlecone Pine and star trails.  Though not quite ideal, its a step in the right direction.

I made images at Pfeiffer Beach for the first time this year, again a location I'd like to return to several times over in the coming years.

I decided earlier this year that I was going to de-emphasize avian photography and spend more time on mammals and landscapes.  Looking back at the year, it appears thats exactly what has happened.  Though I've enjoyed all the landscapes I've made this year, I'm really itching to photograph more mammals.

The first while of 2012 is going to be very challenging photographically.  I'll be extremely busy, have no trips planned and will likely not get to make any new images (or even process ones on the queue) for a few months.

The latter part of the year will be exciting though.  I will finally get to go make images at a place I've been looking forward to for years, South Georgia Island and the Falklands.  Can't say I'm looking forward to spending 3 weeks on a ship but it should be a small price to pay.

Once again, here's to wishing that 2012 is a prosperous year for all!

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