Sunday, December 11, 2011

Volumetric Eclipse

Volumetric Eclipse - 5D2, 500 + 2x TC, f/8, 10s, ISO 6400
 Yesterday was a very long day.  I woke up around 2:30 to get ready to go out and capture images with the moon under total eclipse.  I was already at the coast since I had spent the last couple of days at Asilomar for a work event.  Unfortunately, the weather was not entirely co-operative.  I had wanted to take a sequence of images showing the eclipse start and the moon set over the Pacific Ocean using the ragged coast as a foreground.  It ended up being partially cloudy with some pretty dense clouds right around totality.  To make matters worse, we were told that the area we were in was going to be closed at around 6:15 that morning due to a race that was going to happen in the area.  Still I'm glad I went out there, even if it was to just witness the eclipse.  I did some more shooting on the coast last night before heading home.  I'll post more images in the coming week.

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