Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photographer at Work

Photographer at Work - 5D2, 24 TS-E, f/22, 2s, ISO 100
A photographer stands on the rocky Asilomar shore trying to photograph a sunset on a completely clear evening.  I struggled a lot to figure out what to do during this shoot.  There were no clouds in the sky and so nothing dramatic.  I also couldn't find inspiration in doing detail work with the rocks so I ended up incorporating another photographer into an image.

Early tomorrow morning I'm headed off to Toronto for about a week.  Though I'll be busy with a conference and a couple of university visits, I should still have a chance to do some shooting.  Rather than bring a big kit, I'm opting to use mostly a NEX-7 and 18-200.  Lets see how that works out.

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