Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alien Orchid

Alien Orchid - Alpa STC, IQ 180, 90 HR, f/11, 1/500s, ISO 35, T5D-Rx2
This is the same Phalaenopsis Orchid I posted early last month, except this time its the entire plant.  This specimen is a little unusual in that both sets of flowers come from the same plant.  What has happened is that a flower stem has grown and flowered from another stem.  Its a  pretty cool looking plant even if it does flop over from the weight.

A lot of work went into this image.  The lighting set up was pretty simple just two strobes flaking the flower.  I captured a focus stack of 8 images so that I could get everything I wanted in focus.  A quick edit in Capture One Pro and then its off to Helicon Focus for the stacking, which did a perfect job.  Finally, layers of tonal adjustments in Photoshop as well a bunch of cloning to get rid of the chopstick and hair clips I was using to hold the orchid up.  I normally wouldn't include the flower pot, but in this case left it in there as it indicates that the two flower stems come from the same plant.

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