Tuesday, April 02, 2013

M240 is here

Building 41 - M240, 35, f/1.4, 1/12s, ISO 800
The Leica M type 240 is a camera I've been looking forward to shooting with for a long time.  On paper, it addressed two of the biggest issues I had with the Leica M9, high ISO performance and Live View (for critical framing and focus for tripod based work).  There are a ton of other places on the internet where you can geek out over what the M240 brings so I won't rehash it.  I've only had a chance to take a handful of images and so far my thoughts are:

  • Love the new shutter, its noticeably quieter and lag seems to be lower.  It was the first thing I noticed
  • Hate the new way to change exposure compensation
  • High ISO performance is good, though I do see some structured vertical and horizontal noise at ISO 6400, but LR seems to clean it up reasonably well
  • Dynamic range is a huge improvement
  • Live view based focussing for non-landscape work will suck, will be sticking to the rangefinder except for tripod based work
  • The corners on many lenses seem to perform better (don't know if its better profiles or something else)
  • The little nub for the thumb grip is no replacement for a "thumbs up" but I'm not sure I want to give up my flash shoe and option to attach an EVF for a thumbs up yet

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