Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Favorite Lightroom 5 Feature

Adobe started shipping Lightroom 5 yesterday and though the public beta has been available for a while, I didn't use it that much for my day to day images.  However, now that its official, it was time to switch and there are two features that are going to be very useful to me.  First is "Upright" which automatically applies rotation correction as well as horizontal and vertical distortion correction.  Second and arguably even more powerful is radial local adjustments.  I've been waiting to use something like this on the image above because I wanted a vignette which didn't apply to the Penguins but did to the ocean and the beach below.  Here's what the image looks like without the adjustment.

What I really like about this new tool is that its very simple, yet extremely powerful.  With just a few clicks you can specify an ellipse, orient it and then apply whatever local adjustments either to the region covered by the ellipse or its inverse.  Only one slider option, "feather, and nothing else to make it complicated.  Yet with the ability to define an ellipse and orient it arbitrarily and stack multiples non-destructively, for the many this becomes a really powerful tool.

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