Friday, December 20, 2013

Screws in my Leg

That was the state of my ankle about 11 days ago when I dislocated it and fractured my fibula.  The doctors reset the dislocation pretty quickly, which is good because that bone was about to poke through the skin.  So then there was surgery, a metal plate and lots of screws.  I went in for a post-op checkup yesterday where the splint was removed and xrays performed.

This is what my ankle looks like now.  Everything is anatomically correct.  There is a plate attached to my fibula with 3 screws holding it to the fibula.  Then I have two more screws at the fracture site compressing the fracture together so that it heals properly.  Then there are two large screws that are bringing the fibula and tibia back together.  There's also 19 staples at the incision site which were removed yesterday.

Side view of the whole thing.

I also got a new fiberglass cast, which is lighter and is now ready for Maya's drawings and decorations.


gurao said...

Can you tell us what are the post operative problems u have faced, since
the two longish nails whose pins have poked out into flesh.

Aravind Krishnaswamy said...

gurao, sure. I haven't any issues from the pins themselves. My issues are mainly with soft tissue damage and not getting back full range of motion yet.