Sunday, December 28, 2014


A year  ago I was sitting in my living room wondering if would be able to get out and do another serious hike.  It had been a couple of weeks since the surgery to fix my broken fibula and dislocated ankle.

I was happy to prove to myself today that the answer is yes (well very likely so).  I went on a ~7 mile moderately strenuous hike at Pinnacles National Park, about 2 hours south of San Jose.

This is an area that Kim I used to hike frequently when we first moved here and its a place with interesting views, caves and lots of trails.  However, its been several years since we visited the park and so took the opportunity to hike here with visiting family.

Up until this point, the most strenuous hike I have attempted is small 1-1.5 mile hikes with only moderate elevation changes.  I didn't want to schlep a bunch of camera gear as well so opted to take a little Panasonic LX100 and see what it could do.

I had forgotten all the interesting things to photograph in the park and so it was fun rediscovering these scenes.  I didn't do any processing to these images, just the VSCO Velvia preset in Lightroom and some quick tonal touchups.

In my peak hiking days and before my injury, a 7 mile hike with only a ~1300 ft. elevation change would have been an easy hike but at this point I am happy enough to just be able to do it.

Only my ankle feels sore, though I guess I'll find out tomorrow what else hurts.

Now I need to work my way up to the 11 mile Berry Creek Falls loop in Big Basin.  That will be the goal this spring.

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