Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sveinsstekksfoss Frozen Detail

Sveinsstekksfoss Frozen Detail - Sony A7r3, 100-400@224mm, f/11, 2s, ISO 100

The stop to photograph Sveinsstekksfoss was a very brief one and while it wasn’t a “big landscape” opportunity, it was an interesting place to practice “detail” compositions made up of fixed elements like boulders and icicles with the flow of water.  The biggest hassle was dealing with the wind which by Iceland standards was tame but made getting sharp images with telephoto lenses a real problem.  A combination of using my body as a wind break, waiting for pauses in the gusts and some luck resulted in this sharp frame which was a keeper.


Pebbles - Phase One XF, IQ3 100mp, 120mm, f/14, 1/6s, ISO 50.  3 frame focus stack.
Another composition from last weekend at Bean Hollow.  This was a composition that grew on me while I was out there trying to find an image.  I started off fairly right on the set of pebbles on the boulder to the upper right but couldn’t quite get the framing right.  However when I pulled out a bit and got the pebbles on the bottom creating a base, I found it appealing rather than a distraction.  After getting home and looking at it on the computer the straight line cracks on the boulder and subtle tones on the boulder between where its dry and wet made this probably my favorite image of the morning.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Rock Art and Pebbles

Rock Art and Pebbles - Phase One XF, IQ3 100mp 120mm, f/14, 1/3s, ISO 50.
It was overcast on the coast this morning, my preferred weather for photographing intimate landscapes.  I made this image at Bean Hollow State Park and the combination of the pile of pebbles with the beautiful blue and gold tones of the rocks immediately drew me in.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Late Morning Roses

Late Morning Roses - Hasselblad X1D, 30mm, f/32, 1/15s, ISO 100.
I visited the San Jose Rose Garden this morning, one of the finest city run rose gardens I’ve ever seen.  It was a cloudy morning so the hope was to get out there in nice flat lighting, but right when we got out there the sun came out.  In those situations, you just have to get creative and use the sun in the frame.  Sadly, Hasselblad lenses with lens shutters don’t make pretty sunstars.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Tree and Grasses in Wind

Tree and Grasses in Wind - Alpa STC, IQ3 100, 32 HR, f/11, 20s, ISO 50.

I saw this scene while out for a run in my neighborhood this afternoon.  There are a couple of interesting trees on top of a hill with pathways and I liked how the grasses were waving in the wind so I immediately thought of doing a long exposure black & white.  I finished my run and upon getting home returned here with camera in tow.  I don’t think it turned out as well I thought it would at the time but its still cool scene and one that I will revisit in the future.